Over spring break my friends and I drove to Virginia to hang out and have fun and during this little trip of ours we all though we were having a bit of a mental break. While driving to Virginia in my car we would randomly hear little beeping noises emitted from my speakers at the most oddest moments during our drive and while some of us heard it others did not and it made us begin questioning our sanity. It got to the point where we got out of the car and checked everything from the gas pan to the engine and even removed my chairs from the vehicle itself. Not being able to figure out the source noise we got back in my car and began driving again and for a while we were perfectly fine not hearing anything whatsoever so we though alright we were just imagining things and believe it or not a little bit later it returned! Becoming more and more paranoid we all took a big break at a rest stop and almost immediately everyone who has one took out their smartphone to look up this strange noise… Soon we figured it out, it was a programed hourly memo.

The main point of that little rant above is that with technology there are many benefits, people come up with endless amounts of ideas and ways of implementation. But, when we do know that we’ve truly gone overboard. When you become like my friends and I and think we go insane? We were talking about this for almost an hour straight and we could not think of one simple reason at all why in the world there would be an hourly memo prompt in a car.

In the past when the thought or idea of technology comes to mind we think, innovation, creativity, an easier life style even. But, realistically in more modern times the thought of technology brings only one thing to forward in the minds of creators/inventors of corporate america MONEY! After that huge escapade during the break, I did a little research on this hourly memo and realized it was an add-on feature that was put in my vehicle for an outrageous $35 and I still cannot figure out any use for it whatsoever.

So I must ask, have you guys ever encountered a technology that was supposed to be revolutionary, innovative, and just straight out amazing but, in your eyes you find it unimaginably useless? Because I sure have …..