Over spring break, I spent a girl’s day with my mom and sister. This was a day of “relaxation,” meaning going out to eat and getting our nails done. Relaxing=no cell phones either (for me, at least). However, walking into the nail salon, I noticed something that struck me in a strange way. It was a group of 7-10 year old girl scouts, selling cookies of course. As we walked into the salon, they screamed, “Girl scout cookies! We’re selling cookies!” Then, something that wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago occurred. After we walked inside, the girls sat down behind their table and every single one of them whipped out a cell phone. And, not just any cell phone–they all had iPhones. I watched them from the window of the nail salon as they tried to sell cookies to people walking by. When there were no people passing, they all went straight to their phones and started playing games. I found this interesting because, although I was never a girl scout, I always thought that the girl scouts were all for bonding and learning how to tie knots, hah. Well, I was wrong. These girls seemed more interested in their games of Angry Birds and Words with Friends than selling cookies and getting some money for their group. In fact, they were so occupied on their cells, I watched customers walk past them. The girls had no clue since their heads were down!

The question I want to raise is this: what age do you think is too young to have a cell phone? What age does it become appropriate to have one? Call me old fashioned, but I believe that high school is the earliest anyone should get a cell. Maybe 8th grade the earliest, but I think that any earlier than that is ridiculous. Yes, I understand that parents need to be in touch with their children. Therefore, get them a cell phone. However, I find that these kids who have cell phones don’t use it for calls, but rather to play games on it. A cell phone becomes a Gameboy for younger generation…a very expensive Gameboy.

What are your thoughts? Do the children of this generation know a childhood without cells? Or is this simply the new way of doing things?