When you hear “Wearing technology”  people think oh that’s insane how could you ever wear technology! But, it’s more common then people think. I stumbled across an article the other day and it made me take a whole new perspective on wearing tech.

Those images above are just some of the fashion/technology mergers. To think that technology is becoming such a big portion of our every day lives that we’ve incorporated it into one of our main necessities in life CLOTHING! I can’t help but think that maybe we’re becoming a bit too dependent on it and we fear leaving it behind even for a moment. What’s going to be the next thing? Items being implanted into our bodies itself? Not that I’m saying that I don’t think some of those items are unimaginably cool (yes, I am a huge nerd and think those are AWESOME!) but is it really necessary? I was so curious on what some people thought about it I asked several of my friends if they’d be able to even part with some of their everyday items such as phones, computers, etc and it was a unanimous NO! It was like they couldn’t even remember a day in their lives where they just enjoyed the experiences of their day without having to stare at their phone every 30 minutes (if that at all). I can’t take myself out of that group though really because I also find myself staring at my phone for hours on end but, I also take weekly technological cleansing periods to remember that technology is not all powerful and that there is a life beyond it. So I just have to ask, what do you guys think of this “Hi-Tech Fashion”?