Came across a cool video online of a Dutch Film student creating a short film comprised of several copyrighted footage. The film features scenes from Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Back 2 the future and several other iconic 80’s movies, layered with several video effects to create trippy visuals.  The short follows a video store clerk getting lost in a movie world.  Personally I enjoyed watching the short; that can also be viewed in the Disposable film festival. However whether or not you enjoy it, this is a form of convergent art that would not have a place on the net in the near future.

We have discussed several examples of arts that draw from other creative works like Shepard Fairey Obama posters or Andy Warhol’s art. We also discussed the extent as to how far a piece of art needs to be altered and to what difficulty. This video I believe would fly by those criteria’s, as I believe it took more than a days work to complete this short.

Regardless the future for these forms of “sampled” art may be bleak. The SOPA plans even conception might have long-term effects in our politics, that are yet to be seen.  Although the crack down on copyright infringement has increased there are some positives, like forcing creators to create more original content. For example You Tube has even began creating heavily sponsored channels for original content. However there are videos that are filled with copy righted material.

Nevertheless we as viewers and consumers will have to wait and see what the future holds. Image