As an easy sucker for my iPhone applications, I of course downloaded the Rutgers beta program application when we received an email about it over spring break. I had heard about the Rutgers app before this, but had never taken the opporunity to download it. So on my 12 hour car ride home from spring break, I downloaded the beta app (only accessable to faculty and students) and explored it.

I was very impressed to see that there are a lot of features to it and it is customizable. I personally decided to have my home screen display: news, bus, food, eCollege and Sakai. More options include career services, feedback, events, emergency alert, libraries, myRutgers and student life.

By far, my favorite part of this app is the food section. I really enjoy the convenience of planning my meal ahead of time when I know I am going to the dining hall. I also forget which takeout night is which a lot because every year they change it up a bit. The Rutgers Mobile App is worth it just for the food feature, if you have a meal plan. The other nice thing about this feature and the app in general is that it incldes all of Rutgers. So I can view the menu for the Newark and Camden campuses as well. Too often do we Rutgers New Brunswick-ers forget about our neighbors to the north and south. This app has the capability to unify the Rutgers population and keep everyone very well informed, whether it is on the daily menu or an emergency alert.