Over the weekend, I saw the movie The Lorax, starring mega stars Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift (although she hardly had any lines the entire movie!) I’ve seen the tv special of this beloved Dr. Seuss book when I was younger. I found it mysterious how they never revealed the Once-ler’s face, in the book or any animated versions. However, the movie was much different.

Right from the start, the Once-ler’s face was revealed. I liked reading the book not knowing what the Once-ler looked like, but I guess for one reason or another…the movie makers thought it best to show his face. The one thing I noticed was how much they added into the movie that wasn’t in the book (technology-wise).

Besides the fact that it was in IMAX and 3D, the main character Ted was very technologically savvy. Instead of walking to the Once-ler’s house to hear the story of the lorax…Ted drove there on a one-wheeled motorcycle of sorts. I found this humorous because in the book it is so simple how he gets to and from the Once-ler’s. However, the movie had to strech things and make it appealing for the children of today’s generation, so I guess that is why they added this futuristic motorized bike. I was surprised that Ted didn’t simply whip out his cell phone and simply call the Once-ler instead (hah).

This small change was not a huge downfall for the movie, but for me it took away the simplicity that the book offered. What do you think? Was the movie right to add in these futuristic features to keep up with the times…or should The Lorax movie stayed true to its book form and had little lazy Ted walk to the Once-ler’s house instead of drive?

On an end note — this trend of adding in futuristic tweaks has been common in recent movies. Can you think of other beloved books or remakes that Hollywood has added a generational appeal to that you think doesn’t work in its favor? I found this interesting.