As the years go on, school districts are including more and more technology into their curriculum. As a prospective teacher, I have noticed that the age is getting younger for students to learn about technology. A couple of weeks ago, I substituted in a fifth grade class where there was a SMART Board, and the students had a period of computers where they were creating PowerPoints of their own. They were uploading images into their PowerPoints, and I was impressed by how much they knew about the computer. Back when I was in fifth grade, I do not believe we even had a computers class. If we did, I believe it was only for learning how to type. Now, students are expected to already know how to type. Today, I substituted in a second grade class where I was even more surprised that these seven- and eight-year-olds also had a computer period. They worked on some math and reading lessons on the computer and knew exactly what they were doing. I wonder if the first-graders and even the kindergarteners have computer classes as well.

Technology is becoming such a huge aspect of education. Students know even more than some of their older teachers. A big problem is how some of the older teachers in schools don’t know much about technology. Some cannot even work a computer. How will this work if students are supposed to be learning things on the computer, but a teacher does not even know how to do it him or herself? Nowadays, prospective teachers in college have to take education and computer classes to learn about how to incorporate technology into the classroom. There is even a newly developed certificate in educational technology that one can receive. All teachers will always be on different levels because they are coming from different generations. How can students be affected by this?