This article was very interesting to say the least. The fact that online movie views or transactions hit 3.4 billion this past year compared to 2.4 billion copies is actually not only surprising but revolutionary.  What people are watching and how is completely changing and its very evident even in what I personally use to watch movies and tv shows. I am currently a member of Netflix and while it does have its flaws it does come in handy with many things. I use to go to the movies every weekend simply because I am a big movie buff but this year that notion has completely changed. I have been sitting in my bed watching movies on Netflix rather than going to the movies or buying dvds simply because the service saves me time, money and its just more convenient. Watching a whole show is so easy on netflix with no commercials and for just 7 dollars a month its diffidently worth it. When I am not using netflix I use websites like hulu or even youtube. I am obviously not the only person that does this and its an obvious reason for why dvd sales have decreased. It would be awesome if feature length movies would get streamed straight to your computer then having to go to the movies to watch them. I would deff pay 10 dollars to watch a movie in my computer than have to travel to the theaters to watch it.