As the internet has become a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives and websites such as Facebook and Twitter are used by billions, a new type of bullying has emerged with it. Cyber bullying is a very new phenomena that is extremely prevalent among adolescents. People feel safer slandering someone over the internet where they can at times remain anonymous, or don’t have to say the nasty remarks to someone face. 

A few years ago, a website called Formspring emerged, where people can anonymously ask others questions. I remember in high school I had one and had to delete it because of all the negative messages I was receiving. Everyone I knew who had one got asked dozens of rude questions, or sometimes were just left with hurtful comments.

While bullying has always been around, the internet gives bullies a new means of expression. In highschool, two of my classmates were expelled for making a fake Myspace page of a fellow classmate and ridiculing him on it. Things like this happen far too often. People believe that since they are behind their computer, their words have no consequence. 

The law always lags behind technology, but in 2011, New Jersey passed a very harsh law about cyber bullying. My sister, who is a school counselor told me that she deals with these types of problems all the time, and before this law, there was no concrete way to deal with it. People must realize that words are just as hurtful whether they are typed or spoken directly to someones face.