Nearly everyone of my free moments the past two weeks have been spent on reading The Hunger Games trilogy. Lucky for me, my friend e-mailed me a couple of PDFs of the novels which I could easily open on my phone. This is so convenient for me to read all the time. The words are just the perfect size/brightness and “pages turn” with a swipe of my finger, almost mimicking the turn of an actual page. Not to mention, I carry my phone everywhere, so i can read virtually anywhere: standing on the bus, in line getting food, during the couple of seconds it takes a a professor to switch slides, etc. 

I am one of those people, who although embraces technology to a certain extent, still lives in a nostalgic state of mind. I love my cell phone, but would never think of giving my baby brother one. I take my laptop with me everywhere, but more so for it’s protection, as opposed to believing I actually need it all the time. I’d rather take my notes by hand, and up until last week, I was completely against the e-reader. However, now I can’t wait to run out and get one as soon as possible.

Maybe it is time for us to move into a technological era, and leave behind any nostalgia. Regardless, it’s taking over fast.