Everywhere you look consumers are capitalizing on the Hunger Games, the book series created by author Suzanne Collins. So why shouldn’t businesses? Well that’s the idea that many large and small companies share. It has always been a predictable action for business to capitalize on pop culture trends, hell, even pop culture itself capitalizes on its own trends. So watching small t-shirt kiosks across the nations malls spring up with shirts with Google images prints of Hunger Games characters and lines should be no surprise.

The financial impact of the Hunger games movies recent success is astounding. The intellectual property has stretched far beyond its initial demographics of young teens. A testament to this fact is the Scholastic and Lionsgate stock have both reached 52-week highs within the past week just due to pre-sale ticket records. With popularity like this I urge all to be prepared for the media blitz and North American famous over indulgence of something cool, until it becomes undesirable to share any positive views on the subject. However, that did not stop the popularity of comparable fiction like Twilight or Harry Potter.Where seeing Bella or Potter’s face was not limited to a visit to your local book or T-shirt retailer. Nevertheless the recent business trend is “whether or not you don’t have a direct connection with an intellectual property, it does not mean you can’t profit from it, if acted out correctly.”

Small businesses have traditionally ridden the waves with merchandise inspired by famous aspects of pop culture. Traditionally they would get these  specific merchandise on the store shelves quickly and heavily promote their arrival by using all available channels. However recently companies have been name jacking for the sake of increasing business in other words they began naming unrelated products with names associated wither certain pop culture trends or properties. Several companies have begun adopting this “create products with names inspired by the film or create unofficial products approach to advertisement.” For example a nail polish company China Glaze recently released a series of nail polishes with colors inspired by the film Hunger Games. There is even an Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook burning through the booksellers list. These days less companies can risk the failure of even one of many product launches or business ventures. So we as consumers are going to continue to endure periods of excessive marketing, rehashed ideas, and repetitive themes. However you can’t deny the allure as these methods allow a business to gain profit and publicity by capitalizing on popular trends. Like this blog post JUST DID  0_0