I have been taking online classes now for about 2 years and find that people have some mixed feelings about the whole concept of online classes. Some people love them and some people hate them. Those who love the online class experience seem to love the convenience of the class and the fact that they can complete the work on their own time. They find that some classes are pointless to actually physically go to and could complete the work online. This might me think about the conversation we had in class about the classes that consist of 300 kids in a lecture hall and some kids are sitting on their laptops on facebook and twitter the whole time and feel the class is pointless. Other students feel that they hate online classes because you miss that human interaction with peers and the teacher and you don’t get the same experience from the class. They value the human interaction and discussion that takes place in the classroom and the accessibility of the other students and the teacher. They feel misguided on assignments and feel the need for the teacher to verbally explain assignments. I personally love online classes when I think the material can be read about and discussed without a teacher having to explain anything. For instance, I think an online math class would be difficult because most students need to see the teacher doing the problems and explaining the reasoning. Others feel that they could watch a youtube video sort of thing where the teacher tapes themselves doing such problems and then posting it to the website. They also have programs where you can watch the teacher as they navigate on their own desktop. I think more and more teachers and classes are turrning towards online classes or at least always incorportating some sort of online component in their class expectations. Whether that’s maintaining a class blog or participating in discussion on sakai, most teachers are requiring some sort of online discussion as part of their class. Some teachers however, do not even know what sakai is or how to use it. Does this create a disadvantage for some students? As I go on more and more interviews, they keep asking me my technology based skills. A couple years ago, I think I would have been fine getting away with just your standard Word, Powerpoint, Excel skills but now they want to know if I have a blog, used a Smartboard, used a document camera. The expectations are getting higher and we need to stay ahead of the game.