Recently, a new game has been invented called Draw Something. I’m sure most (or all) of you have either played it or heard of it by now! If someone happens to not know it, it is somewhat like Pictionary. It can be downloaded on iPhones, and friends play with one another. This game is part of OmgPop, founded by a New York game-maker named Mr. Forman. Forman admits that before he came up with this brilliant idea of a game he was starting to lose money fast. Zynga, the maker’s of Farmville and other popular social games, saw how Draw Something was becoming so popular and decided to buy it from Forman for $180 million dollars. From only having $1,700 in his bank account, Forman becomes one of the richest social media figures to live.

Some questions that come up in my mind after reading this article are: Why do you think this game has become so popular unlike many games that have been invented? What attracts people to Draw Something? I am curious as to how long this game will be popular for.