I wrote a post a week or two ago about getting my sister the iPhone 4 for her birthday. Well, we worked it out…I drew a picture of the iPhone and put it inside her birthday card. She was surprised. The next day we went to Verizon and she got her phone.

But, then I realized which phone she was giving up to get the beloved iPhone: a blackberry. I don’t know much about blackberries, but what I have noticed recently is that a lot of my friends are switching teams…blackberry to iPhone. I’ve never had a blackberry but out of the ones I’ve tried to use it seems very confusing. I find the iPhone to be sleeker and easier to use. My question is: which side are you on? Do you absolutely love your “crackberry?” Or, have you recently switched to the iPhone? Either way, Apple is taking over the world one cell phone user at a time. I see more people with iPhones than I do with blackberry. Just curious!