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Well, this article stayed true to its title.

“White Spaces” Wi-Fi

From what I can understand, the first one works between airwaves transmitted through televisions.  The article says that signals can travel significantly longer distances and through buildings and walls.  This will allow WiFi to be available much more prominently and lessens the usage of 3/4G networks.  Wireless carriers may broadcast these signals in an attempt to improve their clientele.

It’ll take time for all the necessary infrastructure — including new chipsets for smartphones and other devices — to roll out, but FCC expects the expansion to lead to innovative new kinds of wireless networks, including connected highways, schools, parks and towns.

I suppose this is the next logical step forward — making WiFi available all over the world, not in just specific hotspots.

Microsoft Windows 8

People say that windows is a dying breed, being replaced by Apple products; Macbooks are getting more popular, and without a doubt, there are more iPhones around than Windows-based phones.  This is what the new visual  interface looks like:

It reminds me of the Windows phone in PC form, from the calender to photos to messaging, maps, video, music and even camera.  The whole interface is made up of applications.  It was made for touchscreen devices but also works just fine with a mouse and keyboard.  David Goldman notes:

The result is a computer that operates as a hybrid, with all the functions of a standard PC operating system but the user experience of a tablet. Apple says we’re already living in the “post-PC world.” Windows 8 is a sign that Microsoft agrees — and if it has its way, tablets and PCs may soon be indistinguishable.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this and whether or not I’d want it on my laptop.  I suppose the “desktop” button rids us of this interface, and I’ve downloaded every new version of Windows and have generally liked it better than the old one, so I’m willing to give this a chance.

Lytro’s light-field camera

I’m excited about this!  I’d love to have a camera with this feature and I hope it becomes standard with more cameras that come out in the future, and I’m sure it will eventually.  This light-field camera allows the photographer to bring into a focus an unfocused picture.  The focal point can also be changed, dramatically changing the image:

It also has brighter colors and a completely different design from present point-and-shoot cameras:

The camera will cost you about $400, which is pretty reasonable for something so revolutionary.

Google’s virtual reality goggles

Now these glasses are something we only see in movies brought to life.  They project a computer interface over your vision that gives you a heads up to what’s around.  They have a camera and a flash.  It also functions as a smartphone, and a GPS:

One really cool bit: The navigation system currently used is a head tilting-to scroll and click. We are told it is very quick to learn and once the user is adept at navigation, it becomes second nature and almost indistinguishable to outside users.

It will essentially project this onto your vision, except through a transparant LCD screen in the glasses.  It tells you about landmarks, restaurants, banks, anything that you come across in your endeavors.  Eventually, if the facial recognition technology becomes advanced enough, the glasses could remind the wearer when, where and how they met a vaguely familiar person.  Besides just being helpful, they also act as a platform for virtual reality games, where the stage is what is right in front of you.

The next iGizmo

Lastly, the article mentions that Apple is by far likely to produce the most talked-about new technology of this year.  It’s widely rumored that Apple is going to come out with a television that will become immensely popular — before he died, Steve Jobs claimed that he “finally cracked the code for success”.  The TVs will easily sync with other devices in the house.  There is no one company dominating sales in television; I think Apple can easily in and monopolize the market.