I was just on Radio Lab trying to find some different ideas for our podcasts and to see if there any new podcasts. “Sleepless in South Sudan” is actually from October, but I found it interesting nevertheless. The story-like way Zimmer tells this tale and his infusion of humor make the podcast very interesting. This topic in general could have been very dismal and upsetting, but it was described in a way so that the audience understood the conditions of the area but not in a way that made them sad. For example when he was talking about the ways to get sick in South Sudan and how their regional health issues were so much worse than their “standard malaria.” He talked about these horrible illnesses on a scale of which was liveable and what wasn’t.

This podcast was presented in an interesting way because it was Zimmer talking as if he was telling a story. I am making it sound like it would have been as boring as a book on tape, but it was interesting like a good friend telling you a story about someone you know. This technology like a podcast allows for the relaying of this South Sudan story to not be a book on tape and rather be appealing to the listener.