I was just scrolling through the class blog to read the various posts and comment on the ones I found interesting or related too, when I came across what I guess I’d call a glitch?  I’m not sure if maybe my browser is just acting up or something that WordPress actually accidentally overlooked. Right under Dawn’s post, “Creative Writing: Twitter Style”, there’s a really interesting post about all sorts of new technologies that are set to come out soon. I was really excited to comment about how cool some of them seemed and etc. However, since the post is untitled and anonymous, I couldn’t find my way to page where I can post a comment. I tried clicking on the time-stamp instead, and then random words around the post hoping it’d take me somewhere, but to no avail. I actually started this post in order to leave a comment about it here, but then I noticed something else that got me thinking much more than I need to about this glitch. When I set to write a title for this post, so people will be able to comment, I noticed that once I typed my title in a little link appeared under the “write title box”. The link underneath is the permalink for this post, so people can go directly to the post page and comment, & the last string of words in the Permalink are whatever you choose your title to be.  I’m assuming since the author didn’t make a title, WordPress couldn’t give it a permalink without causing some type of a rerouting loop. And since I have a really strange desire to analyze things down to a pulp, it reminded me that when I had a WordPress years ago, the blogging platform didn’t have this same interface back then. It’s understandable of course, websites like to “update” their layout every so often to keep it’s users from getting bored of it. However, redesigning layouts seems like it’d be a lot of work (I wouldn’t know), and it’d be easy to miss a few things here or there; after all the idea of loopholes existing had to have come from somewhere, right? I wonder how many other glitches and loopholes (actual missing pieces and broken links as opposed to server over load issues I mean) can be found throughout the internet and how much of an effect  they can have on the traffick of a website, and depending on the type of website as well.

Speaking of, Zuckerburg changes Facebook interfaces so quickly. . . there’s got to be something he overlooked in a rush. Maybe there’s a loophole we can find to get rid of the horrible Timeline layout.  =]