Yesterday evening my family and I went into NYC to see Evita on broadway. Before the play, we ate at a restaurant called Del Frisco’s. Everything was amazing and the wait staff was phenomenal. At the end of our meal, our waitress handed us the bill and told us that if we go to their website and fill out a quick survey on how the food/service was, we would get a verification code which automatically takes $25 off of the bill! I immediately whipped out my iPhone and went to the website. The survey was harmless and took maybe 5 minutes at most. The service was so great that it was easy to fill out. Once I completed the survey, I wrote down the code on the receipt. I handed it to our waitress and she came back with a “lighter” bill, $25 lighter in fact! I was in awe.

Not because we saved money (that was a nice plus), but because of how much we are evolving into a more technological era. Could you imagine 15 years ago a waitress saying this to you? You would have to run home, do the survey and then come back…not very likely, right? But now, we have such a wide world of possibilities at our fingertips. A 5 minute quiz to get $25 off your bill right away is a great way to not only make the customer take your survey, but to show how advanced the company is becoming. I know it made me see Del Frisco’s in a different light. They are adapting to our generations.

One thing I wondered is what my parents would do if I was not with them for dinner. Let’s say they went there alone. They both have very old cell phones (they’d have no clue what to do with an iPhone or another smart phone). They wouldn’t be able to do the survey and get $25 off their bill. This wouldn’t be the biggest deal, but who wouldn’t want money off?!

Do you think all restaurants should start doing this? I think it draws more attention to the place and also makes them look more tech savvy!