In Alison’s recent post about WordPress and other sites/apps using our current location, she discusses this app called Girls Around Me that uses information girls post online to render a map or chart of girls near you. I feel like this needs a bit more attention.

At first, when I looked at this screen capture, I thought that this was a missing persons app, given the phrasing “Last seen x minutes ago”. But, these ladies aren’t missing. That’s just how many minutes since they last checked in somewhere.

According to the blog from which I gleaned this creepy data-scraping app, if your Facebook page is public and you have a Foursquare account, then this app is able to scrape your information and serve you up.

From this, some guys may get the idea that their dating pool just got a bit bigger, but things couldn’t be further from the truth. These are normal women going about their daily business. To imagine, innocently checking in somewhere on Foursquare could lead to a compromising situation thanks to apps like this one.

Even though Foursquare has rejected the app from using its API (thereby rendering it unable to work), Girls Around Me’s short-lived saga serves as a reminder to place privacy restrictions on as much of your online profiles as possible.