In celebration of April Fools day, it appears as though any website with mass amounts of viewers (except perhaps official gov’t/news sites) plays an April Fools’ prank.  Sites seem to compete with each other to have the best prank every year.  Google really stepped it up by having multiple jokes for its different applications, even applying Google Maps’ 8-Bit technology into YouTube.

This site is dedicated to annual April Fools pranks, and of course, all of yesterday’s are on there for archive.  Google products takes up a majority of the first few sites listed, which really emphasizes their position on the internet.

One of my favorites — which was honestly pretty cheesy, but popular — was the creator of AdBlock changing all removed ads instead to pictures of cats.  Every page I loaded yesterday had cats bordering it.  It really followed you everywhere.

Another really cute one (also involving kittens) was Kodak’s recent discovery that people could actually go to the store and print out real live kittens with a list of popular breeds, with technology to “print out” larger animals, like elephants and polar bears.

This one by Google is really funny and kind of makes fun of those library sessions, where the librarians try to teach us how to use searchlight @ RU Libraries online..

It’s a long list, but all good ideas.

All in all, April Fools day jokes on the internet are to be expected nowadays.  It’s best to just never believe anything you read online April 1st.