It seems as though the world of technology is advancing at a faster pace as each day comes. Never before has there been such a growth in technology in such a short period of time. Some products or items have become very useful in the daily life of many people in society. For other products, their utility and purpose might be questionable. I came across this clip that demonstrates the usage of a 3-D printer. As one might think, this machine can virtually print anything it demanded, from shoes to logos to figurines. I was instantly intrigued to see how such a process could occur.

To my great surprise, this machine is capable of printing life size versions of almost anything. It makes me wonder, what will come next in this world of technology. If we can simply buy a $1500 printer and print anything we wanted, what is the point of having factories, workers, or even stores to shop at. If I wanted a designer handbag but did not want to pay the high price to get one, I could very well print it out of the 3-D printer. With the introduction to this new technology, there can be major side-effects to the economy and how the global market operates.

I am skeptical to see if this machine will actually be for sale to the public. It seems as though it can aid to the black market or decrease the authenticity of other products. I couldn’t help but think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I first watched this video because the concept seems so futuristic and fake. I suppose only time will tell if whether or not this printer will actually be available for public use. It is an extremely huge step for the world of technology but it’s legitimacy and and main intentions are questionable.