So I just changed doctors recently because I figured I am twenty three years old and should probably not be going to my pediatrician anymore. As I was filling out my new patient information form, I saw that they asked for my email. Being in this class, I began to laugh and think about how technology is such a natural part of our lives these days that they now almost always ask for your email address for everything. I thought this is where it would end, but as I was leaving the office the nice secretary asked if I was signed up for Windsor Medicine Portal. What is this I wondered? She informed me that it was a site that I could access from home that would allow me to communicate with my doctor and view my test results. I can change or cancel appointments on there, email my doctor with questions, and also view my blood test results. However, if I signed up for this that means that my doctor is free from calling me with any information and that it would all be posted on the website. Meaning she would not call me letting me the know the results of my test and that I should check there occasionally to view my results. I decided to sign up for it and made me own login and password yet again for another website. I emailed my doctor which I had never done in my twenty three years of life so far and asked about getting another appointment. She answered the same day which was extremely convenient. I also viewed my lab results right from the website. They all said normal but actually opening them up and viewing what they look like was extremely interesting. There were all sorts of abbreviations for things I have no clue about and numbers and percents all over the place. Not being a doctor, it was very hard to see what these results meant but it made me feel better that it said normal at the top of the page. One of my results did come back abnormal and I felt relieved that my doctor actually called me to explain why and what she wanted to do from there. Overall, I am having a pretty good experience with the whole online part of a doctor visit and feel relieved that they still keep human interaction and communication on the table when they need to explain things in words. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of situation before and your thoughts about it.