I’m sure everyone has heard about the lottery the recently took place. I, like most of you, watched the tv and matched up my lottery ticket…only to find that, of course, I did not win. I was with my friend at the time the numbers were read. Before the drew the winning numbers, my friend and I were discussing how it was all over Facebook and Twitter. Everyone’s status updates were about the huge lottery, and hopes that they’d be the lucky winner. After the numbers were drawn, I turned to my friend and said, “I bet everyone’s status will be something ‘clever,’ like…I WON!!!! OMG!!!! Sure enough, we signed onto both Facebook and Twitter, and the newsfeed was filled with statuses about winning the mega millions.

While this is obviously a joke, are Facebook and Twitter becoming too predictable? I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but I find myself having less and less patience for the social media sites. I’m tired of reading everyone’s statuses about walking their dog, showering, and pretending to win the lottery. Do you think this form of social media has ran its course?

I still enjoy Twitter but I’m slowly but surely getting sick of Facebook. I think because it’s been around for a while and, in today’s society, we don’t have much of an attention span. Anyone else totally over Draw Something, as well? hah.

Overall, I think that a new social media site will spring up soon enough. Facebook’s statuses and timeline aren’t enough (in my opinion) to keep me interested. Like the night of the lottery, I know what everyone’s status will be before even signing on. What do you think? Are you still interested?