I came across this article about what people do most on the Internet. It wasn’t very surprising to me that banking, shopping, and job hunting are the top three topics looked up online. I found it interesting to find out what people use the Internet mostly for. Nearly 60% of people use the web to check bank accounts, about 48% use it for shopping purposes, and around 41% use the Internet to find a job. If you read further into the article, it shows which countries use banking, shopping, and job hunting the most. It was surprising to me that the United States was not listed as any of these top countries. The statistics show that people between 50 and 64 years of age do the most online banking and shopping, while people under the age of 35 participate in the most job hunting.


After reading this article, I am now curious as to how many people our age (in college) use banking, shopping, and job hunting through the Internet. I personally have an online banking account, but I do not usually shop online. I enjoy going to the stores better. As for job hunting, it might become useful once I graduate, but as of now I am not necessarily looking for a job. What do you all use the Internet most for?