After reading Frederick’s post about Girls Around Me, I decided to check out how iPhones might be used to track people in a positive way, and, believe it or not, this is what I found. Now, this article is just about a year old, but I think it is probably still relevant. Apparently, the US army is thinking about (or maybe it already has by this point) introducing iPhones as part of a combat soldier’s repertoire. Among other things, they would like to utilize the iPhone’s picture capabilities, its GPS, and, of course, its convenient text messaging features. The only problem is that they are loosing service. Yep, even the United State’s Army can’t get good reception. That and the fact that i-Phones pose serious security issues (Girls Around Me).

Anyway, I’m going to keep looking for more updates on this story (I think I saw something on CNN about it), but for now I just thought people might find this interesting.