Wake up call via Girls Around Me app

Something that has always surprised me is the willingness of people to share their locations. There have been many times when I’ve scrolled down my timeline on Twitter, see a tweet with a location, and just shook my head. At first, I usually thought, “Who the hell wants to know your location, anyways?” Of course, after a few more years, that thought doesn’t occur to me anymore. It has, instead, been replaced by, “Why the hell are you putting that information on the internet?!” 

I grew up with my parents constantly pestering me about the information that I share on the internet (and they still do pester me to this day). They have always warned me to be cautious, that there are people out there who may seem innocent, but it’s easy enough to put on a carefully selective mask when it’s not face to face contact. They have always told me not to put personal information on there, like my number or my address. 

I’m fairly certain I’m not the only person who got subjected to a parental monologue about the dangers of the internet, and it’s still somewhat surprising that, in such a wirelessly connected world, people still forget that the internet is not always the safest place to store information. 

To pull a line from the beginning of the article, “I consider it to be a wake up call to those that publicly overshare.” 

If you’re going to share something online, you have to be cautious and conscious about the fact that people can and will use and abuse it, whether you like it or not. If you don’t want creepy guys to come down to that bar you’re at with the specific intention of trying to hit you up, maybe you shouldn’t include a location with that tweet. A little caution is always a good thing.