Instagram is one of the more popular applications of Apple iPhones and iPads. it is an app which enables its users to post edited picutres of themselves on their profile. The concept is similiar to thos of both Facebook and Twitter with a a heavy focus on imgaes rather than words and information. Up until more recently, Android users, such as myself, were unable to access, enjoy, or view any of the content on Instagram becuase the application was only attainable via the Apple application store/market. Well, all that has changed now that Instagram can now be downlaoad and user by Android phone users. Although droid users were thrilled anout the new advent, iphone users were pissed off. Collectively, it seems that iphone users felt as if Instagram offered them membership into a secret society that others were unable to access. On, a wide variety of iPone users who once felt a sense on superiority due to their Instagram application, have vowed to not communicated with Android Instagram users and have also threatened to delete their account with application all together. Does this make sense to anyone? why should something with such fleeting novelty as a phone application determine social superiority .Why do we as consumers feel that techology determines our social status? Are we using technology as another form of segregation?