Often, people turn to Youtube if they want to see an interseting video going around on the internet, hear the latest song from their favorite artist, or see a clip from a televsion show or movie they have misssed. However, pre-teen aged girls have taken Youtube and made it into their own personal beauty critic. Young girls are now posting videos of themselves and asking the entire digital world if they think they’re  pretty or ugly. Girls are using the website as a means to answers on how the world preceives them. Many commenters do not show these girls an mercy due to their young age. According to people who have responded to the girls’ posts have commented with posts ranging from “U have nothing to worry about,” to four letter words and other harsh things. Do you think this use of Youtube is unhealthy or is it just a form of self expression? Could this be potential cyber bullying? Have we as consumers crossed the line between enjoying the luxuries of the media into the relam of media dependency, abuse, and potential societal harm?