This weekend I had the privelege of emceeing the 2012 Rutgers University Dance Marathon. One of the new innovations to this marathon was the integration of social media, specifically using Twitter. Having everyone connect about the marathon via the hashtag of #RUDM2012 we were able to put the marathon on the map. The tweets were also more interactive because the tweets were constantly published on the big screen, so more dancers wanted to tweet so their tweets would be on the screen. This was a really creative use of Twitter on the part of dance marathon because everyone at the marathon was engaged in the conversation and everyone not at the marathon was able to follow along.

Twitter was a very useful tool at this year’s dance marathon and perhaps shows how effective it can be for other philanthropy events in the future.  This type of Twitter conversation influenced donations and even generated some following by celebrities.  This social media interacation brought more awareness to the event and can make dance marathons in the future even more successful with this type of branding.