I’m sure most of you have heard of and/or use the website called Stumbleupon.com. A friend of mine told me about it last year and I was obsessed with it for a while until I got bored of it and resorted back to Facebook for entertainment. However, I recently started religiously using it again and for some reason, I just realized how awesome of a website it is. I don’t know if there are any other websites like Stumbleupon.com out there, but this website is quite unique in my mind. 

This website not only lets you pick different topics that you’re interested in, but it also searches the entire online world to link you to websites, blogs, articles, stores, magazines, books, and so much more that you may find appealing based on your interests. You simply press a button that says ‘Stumble’ on the upper left hand corner of the page and the website will take you to a specific page based on your interests. If you get bored of that page or it doesn’t appeal to you all that much, you press the ‘Stumble’ button again, and the website provides you with another page. Clearly, this can be done for hours on end.

Personally, this is a whole new level of procrastination for me. Facebook gets boring after a while, but Stumble Upon is constantly taking you to new websites containing information that you are interested in, and want to actually look at. So this brings me to the question of: do websites like Stumble Upon and even Facebook do more harm than good when it comes to procrastination methods? I know when I was first introduced to Stumble Upon, I would stay on it for hours, reading funny posts, looking at funny pictures, watching funny movies, or reading about the latest fashion and beauty tips. Basically, this website is like a fountain overflowing with both useful and exceptionally unuseful information. It is so easy to go to Stumbleupon.com during class and spend your entire lecture stumbling upon random websites rather than paying attention or taking notes or going on Stumbleupon.com for hours to avoid writing a paper. 

I feel with today’s websites like Facebook or Stumbleupon, we should have self control and be able to use these websites in reasonable moderation. However, the opposite seems to be happening.   We spend hours on Facebook whether it’s through our phones or on our computers, and we most definitely can become addicted to websites like Stumbleupon that make it exceptionally easy to connect to websites that appeal to our personal taste.