I found this article in the New York Times technology section. It spoke about Yahoo and the problems surrounding the website currently. First off, Yahoo announced that they will be laying off over 2,000 employees (14% of its workforce, according to the article), which is a great deal of people that will soon be jobless! As if it’s not hard enough to find a job in this economy. Scott Thompson is Yahoo’s new chief executive, whom this idea sparked from. Here is a bit from the article that I found interesting:

“In an earnings call in January, Mr. Thompson hinted that much of Yahoo’s future innovation would derive from its wealth of data on roughly 700 million users. Yahoo has one of the largest audiences on the Web.

“The data is very, very impressive,” Mr. Thompson said in the call. “You’ll see some interesting, data-oriented experiences coming out sooner versus later.”

But three months into his new role, some sources said the ability of Yahoo to commercialize and leverage its data was not yet clear.”

Along with the job cuts, Yahoo has recently sued Facebook! Yahoo claimed that the “social media company of infringing on Yahoo’s patents.” Of course, Facebook charged full-force right back at Yahoo, and countersued them just yesterday. So, this is all fairly new updates!

This makes me wonder if other websites will soon be in deep competition with each other. Do you see any other 2 websites debating and/or sueing each other? I find it interesting that Yahoo thought Facebook infringed their patents.

Here is the link to the article: