As I prepare to look for teaching jobs for next year, I thought I was the only one filling out crazy applications online. Many school districts in New Jersey use a website called Applitrack which is an online application. It takes about over an hour to fill out an application and upload all pertaining documents such as your resume, cover letter, letters of reference, copy of your teaching certificate, and copy of your transcripts. Once you have filled out the application once, you can upload most of your information from a previous application but might need to answer a different set of essay questions. Then once you think you are done and have applied, you need to go back on and resend your application closer to the closing date on the website because if not, your application just goes further and further down on the page and your application won’t even be looked at as it sits at the bottom of the pile.

Yesterday I went around with my boyfriend from restaurant and bar to the next, looking to apply. Each restaurant or bar handed him a card which told him where the apply online. What happened to good ol’ fashioned paper applications? They apparently no longer exist even when applying to Applebee’s or Charlie Browns. Each application online took him about an hour to fill out. But what does this all say about job opportunities in today’s society? What happened to seeing a candidate face to face and having a conversation with them? That does not happen unless you get an interview. I understand the convenience of applying online and having everyone’s application in one spot. But you sort of lose that personal interaction and human relationship with the job. I would rather drive to a school and hand in my resume to the principal so they could see my face and interact with me. That is strictly prohibited these days and clearly stated on their website that they are no longer accepting paper copies! A friend of mine in education as well said that she applied on applitrack to about 80 school districts and only heard back from two. Yes, it could be from the economy and how hard it is for teachers to get jobs these days, but wouldn’t it be nice to physically see and interact with the people that you may want to hire? I, at this point, just feel like my application is lost in worldwide web space. I wouldn’t be surprised if interviews started being conducted over Skype!