I was in one of my English classes today and we were reviewing “The Great Gatsby.” When the professor was going over the story, she would tell us to turn to particular page numbers, but the problem was.. people had different editions of the book. She would have to read the first couple of sentences and wait for the class to find which paragraph she was speaking about, which took a good amount of time. While this was occurring, I was looking around at the people who had some type of e-reader, whether it was a Kindle, a NOOK, or an iPad. All they had to do was type in lines she was reading into their e-readers, and the page would come up right away. I thought of how much faster that is. They have the right idea bringing their Kindles, NOOKs, and such to class.

I feel like there has been this problem in many classes (especially English classes), where students have different editions of books. Having a e-reader can really benefit you in this situation. I used to be against e-readers, but now that I have been hearing all these positive things about it, I might be changing my mind.