After stumbling upon this article about the 10 creepiest apps for iPhone, Facebook, etc. I had never heard of some of these apps before!  They all seem to use what shoud be private data about people to generate things to tell other people about them!  For example the first and probably creepiest app is called “Girls Around Me.”  This app uses Foursquare data to generate the girls that are currently near your location.  While this information is voluntary because you do choose to check in on Foursquare, it is certainly creepy to know that your check in is not just going to be used to gain those badges or connect with your actualy Foursquare friends.  It is very disconcerting to realize that those check ins can be available to dangerous people who are simply looking for girls around them.

Another interesting app that has made its way on Facebook is the “Breakup Notifier,” which notifies the user when their friends change relationship statuses on Facebook.  This is very interesting because I dont’ necessarily have a problem with this app, as I do “Girls Around Me,” but I definately see the argument that these personal relationship changes are not things that you want to scream at the world and this app does that for you.  While anything on the internet is public, it just confirms that you can be very closely followed even down to your relationship updates.

To see some of the other creepiest ads, you can look at this article: