There has been some talk about some utility companies joining in a new app that would allow users to publish their energy usage on Facebook.  This idea stemmed from the idea a couple years ago about showing people what their neighbor’s energy bills looked like.  The intent is to encourage people to decrease the amount of energy they are using and the original idea was that if people saw their neighbors’ usage then they would ask them how they lowered their usage so much and lower theirs as well.  This old idea played on relationships between people to cut energy usage.

Facebook users can use an Opower app to compare notes on how much energy they consume.

This new idea about allowing usages to be posted on Facebook would have the same intent.  However the utility companies understand the power of social media and the affects it has on people’s actions.  If I saw that my friend had lowered her energy consumption a lot, I would want to follow as well.  It would be a way for me to ask them how they did it and the social networking would commense.  Similarly if I saw that someone I did not like that much decreased their energy usage as well, it might light a fire under me to be better than them and decrease my own consumption.  Either way, energy usage will decrease!  I think this is especially smart on all of the parties involved in the introduction of this app because the logic behind it has captured the affects of social media so well.