Google and its Android have been waiting to come out with a tablet that is better than the iPad. To me, what could be better than the Apple iPad though? And I am probably right; the article suggests that the odds that Google will succeed are slim because Apple is just too popular in society these days. Apple gives six reasons why coming out with a smaller iPad would be beneficial.

1. The 9.7 inch iPad is just too heavy
2. A 7.85 inch iPad fits more in bags
3. A 7.85 inch iPad would cost less
4. Kids could handle a 7.85 inch iPad better
5. A 7.85 inch iPad fits many work scenarios better
6. Apple cannot afford to ignore a proven market

Out of these six reasons, I believe that most of them are probable. Being that the main reasons are that it would be less heavy and smaller, less expensive, more fitting for children, and better for business environments are true. I wonder if an iPad mini would really be THAT much lighter that it would be worth to buy. If people already have a regular iPad in their possession, I do not believe that they would go out and buy a mini. I do agree, though, that this mini could be more suitable for children, without having to buy them an iPhone when they are so young. Steve Jobs did not like the idea of making a smaller iPad than the 10 inch one because he felt like it would be too delicate and difficult to work with. If he thought that, then I am curious as to what he thought about the iPhone, being that it is smaller and delicate. The iPhone and iPad basically do very similar things. Would there be a reason to come out with a third product that is also the same?

I am not too sure as to whether or not an iPad mini would be popular. It would be the same exact thing as a regular 10 inch iPad, but just a couple inches smaller. Is it worth is for Apple to make these iPad minis that have the same features as a regular iPad. Will people buy the iPad minis just because they will be what is new on the market? I feel as if people would buy it only because it would be something new that Apple came out with. What do you all think? I am curious to see what other people think about it. Would you go out and buy this iPad mini? Being that I already have an iPhone and a MacBook, I do not even think it is necessary for me to buy any type of iPad at this point in my life. I do know many people out there though that just need to have every Apple product that is in existent. So, those will be the people who go out and buy these iPad minis if they end up being out on the market.

For more information on a possible iPad mini, here is the article link…