Blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger allow blog administrators to review blog statistics that pertain to viewership. Professional bloggers can use these tools to determine their audience based on country and the tags that prove most effective in drawing in certain types of readers.

The above map shows how many viewers this blog has drawn from across the world. Many of our viewers are from the United States, but a handful have visited from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. No hits from South America just yet.

Blogger also has stats. I stopped by the stats page for a blog I write for, and it showed me the following statistical breakdown:

So our main audience is of course from the U.S., with the U.K. in second place with almost half as many views. I’m not sure how we can utilize this information particularly, but for someone who has an agenda or wants to direct his attention to a specific segment of the global population, then the information is there. Also, these pages show which posts have been most popular in terms of views and comments, so you can choose to copy the golden formula if you wish and churn out more posts like your most popular ones.

I imagine if WordPress had the “Pageviews by Operating Systems” breakdown, we could see if we were drawing more Windows or Mac users based on our constant blogging about iPhones and iPads.