So we have all heard of people selling parts of the their body for advertisements on Ebay. Even pregnant women selling their new belly space for advertisements from local business, unleashing rarely sun touched skin on the eyes of various civilians going about their day. However a few days ago something completely out of the ordinary took place, that is a testament to apples vice grip across the minds of today’s youth.

In China, A young teen that has been known to be obsessed with apple products sold his kidney, without his family’s permission to purchase two new apple devices. 17 year Wang from China, a resident of one of China’s poorest provinces sold his kidney for only $3,500 to purchase IPhone and Ipad2. The transaction was only discovered when his Mother asked where he obtained the money for his new devices. Wang only received only $3,500 from the sale however the surgeon, medical staff, and a few other accomplices pocketed 35,000 from the sale of the organ.
The five accomplices were charged with the intent to harm. Back in 2007 the human organ trade was banned in China. Wang now suffers from renal deficiency and his condition is worsening as time passes. Doctor’s say let this be a good lesson to any crazed Apple fans out there; your health is not worth a silly electronic device. What do you think about this entire fiasco?