Facebook Buys Instagram

It seems like one of the most exciting reports in the Technology World today was the purchase of Instagram by the social networking giant, Facebook. Reports say that the company was bought for $1 Billion in both stock and cash, making Instragram Facebook’s most expensive purchase in history. The question is, was a whole billion dollars really worth the photo-enhancing service?

Instagram has shown to be one of the most popular photo sharing applications available to smart-phone users. After being exclusive to only iPhone customers, Instagram has recently become available to the Android clientele as well. The popularity that this program holds is unbelievable. It’s as if photoshop has become available to half the population of the world. If picture takers are unhappy with the coloring or lighting of a photo that has been taken, it is very simple to “airbrush” out the defects and tailor a picture to one’s liking. This program has also brought way to a new type of “art” so to speak. It has allowed almost anyone with a steady hand to produce a picture that is appealing to the eye and looks like it can pass as a professional photograph.

Being an Instagram user myself, I am curious to see what changes might come about following the new ownership. I am especially hoping that only positive enhancements are made towards this fun and innovative program, nothing that will leave me regretting the makers of Facebook. As discussed in this article, Facebook does have a way of destroying a good thing, so I hope Instagram does not fall into this category.

However, this can mean a more appealing and fun tool for Facebook users who have been getting bored and fed up with the recent changes to Timeline. It’s sort of ironic because I distinctly remember today thinking to myself “Facebook is getting boring; I enjoy Twitter more these days.” Who knows, maybe with the addition of Instagram to Facebook, it will be entertaining once again and my addiction will kick back into full swing. As for now however, I will continue to decrease my use of Facebook and focus more one Twitter for the sake of personal change.