This article describes yet another innovation of technology that allows me to be very excited about our future within this new technological era we’re living in. Just a prototype, this technology is similar to the kinetic technology we see that Microsoft used with the Xbox. Called “…OmniTouch, [it is] a wearable system that projects any multi-touch interface onto everyday surfaces.” This mean you can project your phone onto anything, such as your hand or the side of your car, or a wall, and be able to dial numbers, and use it like normal, without ever actually touching the real cell phone. As mentioned before this is still on a prototype but, the article states that, when it comes to touch accuracy and dragging, that this can keep up with the conventional touch screens already out on the market. The only downfall is that because it is a prototype, it uses a large camera mounted on the shoulder to project these images. This is obviously a problem that seems likely to be fixed. I just can’t wait to see what’s next for technology. Also, what comes to mind is what’s going to happen when all of these new technologies including the OmniTouch, start to be combined with each other. In the meantime, enjoy this article and video that is attached to it.