No one wants to share everything with everyone.
Share like you do in real life, in intimate Circles.

Everyme is a new application for only iPhones that allow people to connect on a smaller network than Facebook, but in the same way.  It uses only your address book contacts, making it more intimate and private than Facebook, where we usually have many more friends than we actually care much about.  Everyme allows you to make circles of friends like on Google+, like your family, co-workers, best friends, or even just your significant other.  If you don’t want to make circles yourself, the app provides “magic circles” — smart circles — for you.  The application raves:

Never stay out of touch – with Magic Stories, you’re alerted when your friends get promoted at work, when it’s their birthday, when they break up with their partner, and much more – you won’t believe it until you try it.

Even if some of your friends don’t have an iPhone, they can still view and reply to your “stories” via text message and email.

Everyme seems to draw elements from both Facebook and Google+ — Everyme allows users to put a cover photo on each “circle” that lets you easily and visually pick out the groups you want to share with.  You can share different things with different groups.

This application is a desperate example of how digitally connected we are with everyone, and how much technology does our thinking and talking for us.  We don’t have to remember our friends and family’s birthdays anymore — Facebook, Google+, and now Everyme can do that for you.  So much of our communication now relies on social media, and now Everyme is bringing that to those closest to us.

I downloaded the app on my iPhone but I don’t intend to use it — although it says you can use it without all friends on it, it really does require your friends and family to also be interested in it and download it so they can share back with you, so that’s a downfall of the service.

It’s capitalizing on the whole “ME generation” that’s currently taking place: their logo is an @ sign with “me” in the middle, and just like Facebook and Google+, this app is really all about you.