Technology is really moving rapidly. This recent video has shows how new helicopters who were constructed by lockheed martin an aviation company are being used by the military for various purposes. Whats special about these helicopters is that these are the first ever to be used by that involve no pilots. Yes, I repeat no pilots which has many advantages to not only the military but for the solider as well. Apparently lockheed martin was working on this idea for almost a decade and when the first test runs came out positive with no injury to the pilot or craft, the military took notice.  Now in the present day the military has used these helicopters in over 100 trips around the world. They deliver packages to camps in unsafe areas where even if the helicopters were shot down by enemies no pilot would be hurt. Helicopters have always been easy targets but now that it is controlled by a remote and no solider is needed to pilot it  the worst that can happen is that a million dollar helicopter will be destroyed. Id say thats better than the life of a soldier any day. Lockheed Martin has also managed to have the helicopters fly by themselves without the use of a remote through a complicated process that I won’t even bother to explain. All in all this is diffidently a step up in the ways in which aviation is controlled and hopefully more advancements are made.