I first heard about the app. Instagram a few months ago after several of my friends downloaded it. There is a running joke “Oh, you downloaded instigram? You must be such a photographer now.” Instigram is an application for the Iphone and now the Android where people can take, edit, and share pictures with people from around the world. While I do not have the app myself, almost all of my friends have it and love it.

Today, I read on Twitter that Facebook has bought Instigram for a whopping billion dollars !!! I read an article that said Instigram was only a 13 person company, and the owners did not figure out how to make a profit off of their app. The owners of Instigram are going to work with Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team to improve and maintain Instigram. Mark Zuckerberg commented that this may be the only large application that Facebook will ever buy.

Several of my friends on Twitter have been very unhappy that Facebook has merged with Instigram, although I cannot figure out why. Zuckerberg and the Instigram team stated that Instigram will remain the same application, and will not start charging users. Although, I would not be surprised if the Facebook team added several ads to the application in order to make a profit. I also question if Instigram will remain as popular as it is today. Two weeks ago, everyone was playing Temple Run. Last week everyone began playing Draw Something. These applications become popular seemingly overnight and lose their following a few weeks later. Only time will tell if Mark Zuckerberg made a wise decision.