Reading the fans words from that webpage was very interesting, but I did not feel the same sensation as he did. My friend purchased the IPad 3 and my sister has the Ipad 2. Having experienced both Ipads the only differences was the camera. I didn’t really feel much of a difference, yes the resolution was better, but definitely not worth buying the Ipad 3 if you already have the Ipad 2. The Ipad 3 is slightly heavier, but for me that’s a plus.  I believe the Ipad 3 is for people who are very into taking photos and editing them.  To be honest I never saw someone carry and Ipad to take photos, but I am sure there are people like that.  And I can’t imagine editing a photo on a tablet to begin with.

Overall I do not think the Ipad 3 is really worth the hype, then again it is coming from someone who would never think about getting anything Apple.