I am currently deciding on a tablet. My sister has an IPad and I honestly ‘like’ it, but I do not love it. It lacks a memory card input just the tiny minor things. I also do not like the feel of it I am not sure why and I do not like the option settings on the IPad. So I think the IPad is out for me even though many people from the article finds the IPad wins over the other tablets.  I played have the a Samsung Galaxy s 4g phone and to be honest I love it although it is the older version and it lacks a flash for the camera, but after the gingerbread update the pictures come out clearer and brighter. I have always love Samsung I feel that their products are amazing and serves great performance, but I have always been a fan of ASUS.  Their products are powerful in a sense where their products are FAST!  I played with the Samsung Galaxy tablet and it feels great, but a bit laggy at times.  I was a bit disappointed, but maybe it was just that specific tablet I was playing with. I have faith in the Samsung products.  But overall I cannot decide which one to get. The docking system for the ASUS prime is beautiful, sleek, and professional.  I think the one thing that I disliked with the IPad is the rounded edges I really didn’t like the feel of it.
This website puts the Galaxy and Prime side by side to see the details of the products. The Prime has a higher rating.  But still I cannot decide, yet.  I plan to buy one for myself after graduation. Help me choose!