I found this article in the New York Times technology section and it automatically triggered a nerve in my body. I got mad as I finished the story because this happens to me all the time–spam has taken over my cell phone. Lately, I’ve been getting text messages and even phone calls from random numbers trying to tell me I’ve won money, owe a certain company money or that I might lose my identity if I don’t respond to the text/call. Obviously I’ve never responded because this is a total scam, but I find it interesting that spam is now invading our cell phones.

I remember when (back in the day when people used house phones) we would sit down for dinner and a telemarketer would call the house. My dad would pick up the phone and say something along the lines of, “Don’t you know it’s dinner time?!” The phone calls were annoying, but not as annoying as the text messages I receive. And, what happens if you give in to this spam?

My roommate once texted a number back and she eventually needed to reboot her phone and start over. I told her not to fall for it, but some of the messages are convincing, causing the cell phone user to respond and let the horrible spam do its worst.

The article states, “Spammers, though, are endlessly inventive. Mobile carriers and filtering software can detect when a large volume of spam is sent from one phone number, and when the texts try to get someone to click on a Web site.

So spammers are turning to large banks of phone numbers, regularly changing the Web sites they try to get consumers to click, and blasting their messages from the Internet using “over the top messaging systems,” which let them send millions of messages cheaply. The minute a carrier blocks one number, spammers simply start using another.”

Have you ever had spam sent to you cell phone? Or worse, have you ever clicked it? What can be done about this…?

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