Many social net workers are now complaining about the fact that the rise of social networking has also caused the rise of stupidity. More people are more focused on what Chris Brown has to tweet about, than say the genocides in Somalia & etc. However, it seems to me that the social networking world is actually starting to work harder to keep people more updated on actual current events than celebrity news; slowly but surely. This phenomenon started with Tumblr a couple of years back, and I found out about the Japanese Tsunami instantly through my dashboard. Most news websites now have a twitter account and post 140 character updates, and Facebook has a new application called the Social Reader, where people can read news articles that others have read right on Facebook, without even have to leave their open instant messages. Also, a lot movements, now-a-days, such as Kony 2012, Hoodies & Hijaabs for Trayvon Martin and Shaima Almawady, & pretty much every single college event/rally/protest is planned through Facebook. I’m not going to lie, most of my global awareness comes from my Facebook news feed & I would have no idea where I was going to be tonight, if it wasn’t for the handy events feature. But then again, I guess we’re not as hopeless as everyone thinks we seem to be. . . maybe this will help us actually want to be more aware of the world around us.