So I was browsing and I ran across an article titled “Google+ Refresh: Just Like Facebook…” and I got interested because i’m an avid Facebook and google+ user and I know for a fact that both of their interfaces are similar BUT there are distinct differences. So as I was reading the article it pretty much states google is revamping it’s interface so that it’s more “simpler and less cluttered”. But the reality of it is that it’s to be more interactive LIKE Facebook but after viewing it some more it pretty much is Facebook. It’s adding more “widgets” and games but it’s just another way to copy the whole app craze.

One of the board members of google stated “A Critical piece of this social layer is a design that grows alongside our aspirations”. But by the looks of it currently their aspiration isn’t to become greater, it’s to become more like the booming social network at all call Facebook. 

Personally I think it’s ridiculous how they’re trying to become more like Facebook. Sooner or later just as all other social media platforms it will be old news so why not try and innovate what is already out there and become the NEW next thing? Instead they are attempting to gain the edge by copying?

Below are two images of Facebook and Google+ … there are so many similarities now I can’t even figure out why I should be using both platform anymore.

So I was wondering whats all of your opinions on this? Why do you really think Google is attempting to change it’s interface to be more like Facebook instead of innovating it and bringing it to the next level?