It seems that our generation seems to embrace technology and its ever-changing and improving qualities. We always want the newest thing out there or the best technology possible. However, is there ever a time when you just become exhausted from trying to keep up? As I have been going on interviews looking for a job in education, the technology question always comes up. “What skills do you have with technology?””How would you incorporate technology into the classroom?”

It seems that teachers who have been in the classroom for a while now lack the skill set that young teachers have with technology. They barely know how to log on to the computer, nevertheless create a Google Doc with their students. They are almost resistant to technology and resistant to this recent change of what should be going on in the classroom. They have their lesson plans done, their strategies and techniques set in place, and know what works. They have done this job for years without technology so why do they need to start implementing it now? Being in graduate school now for education, I have read the research and understand the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom. I can see the benefits and the enrichment it brings to lessons and education in general. But like veteran teachers, I feel myself sometimes resistant to all this technology too. I do not consider myself a technological savvy person even though to my grandparents I can speak another language. I find that, like the veteran teachers, I have my ways of doing things that have worked in the past so why do I need to change that and use technology. I have had a pinterest account but have yet to log on because I simply just don’t feel like figuring it out. Lazy? Yes. Pointless? Yes. But its just one example of technology that is out there that I feel like I need to know how to do just to be “up to date” with the world around me but I just figured out Twitter; I’m exhausted. As soon as I figure out pinterest, I’m going to be behind in something else that is trending. For the sake of my future students, I do however spend my time and energy trying to stay ontop of things I might actually use in the classroom such as Google Docs, blogging, and perhaps digital storytelling. Even though we may sometimes just feel like shutting off our computers and not communicating with the world for a day, our phone goes off that we received an email. Whether we like it or not, technology is all around us. Embrace it or fall behind.