Sorry. I really like using Meme speak, so if you didn’t understand that title. I said The Internet Needs Money. And well, it does to run. People are always talking about “Oh did you hear? Zuckerburg makes $———-.–” and I’m always like yea, but how? How exactly do platforms like Tumblr and Facebook and Twitter make money? Facebook, okay I understand. There are advertisements all over my news feed, but Tumblr and Twitter: those don’t have as many advertisements flooding their pages. However, as I was re-accessing my Tumblr in order to update my project blog (check it out! I noticed something new, something that helps build profit for the website.


I drew a nice little arrow on the first picture for you guys to see. Now Tumblr users can have there posts “Highlighted” on the dashboard for merely a dollar! To be honest, I don’t really like this idea at all. I guess Tumblr needs some way to make money of course, but still? How effective is this highlighting thing anyways? I don’t know about other users, but most posts only stay on the first page of my dashboard for less then 2 seconds, before 500 other posts come upshine it. The arrow isn’t going to do anything when the post scrolls way past page 1.

Also, I’m guessing tumblr makes some of its money from more popular blogs. One of my personal favorites: is now an Iphone app and I’m assuming they pay some dues to Tumblr for it?! I wonder how free apps get revenue now . . .